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By Erica Skoutas

You can have all the experience in the world, or little to none, but employers want their employees to have a certain set of attributes. Five qualities employers are looking for are excellent communication skills, great work ethic, ambition, the ability to be proactive and the ability to be a team player. Focusing on these 5 qualities will make you a desired employee.

Employers need excellent written and verbal communication skills. A good employee knows how write a good letter, is appropriate and professional through email, can talk well on the phone and when talking with others in person should demonstrate good body language. Having the ability to speak publically is another tremendous asset to have. Listening skills is another aspect of communication that is greatly valued.

Work ethic is the ability to work hard at your job knowing that the results will be worth your effort. Employers look for responsible people that will come to work on time, not abuse their work benefits, meet the qualifications needed for the job and produce results while meeting deadlines.

Ambition is the desire and determination to achieve success. Obviously companies look for this quality because they want their employees to really excel at their job and want to achieve success. Ambitious people will set and achieve goals and work hard for what they want. Being personally ambitious and always willing to learn something new will also benefit you and your employer. While obtaining personal growth you are also making yourself more of an asset to that company.

Being proactive is an excellent quality to have. Employers need independent thinkers that know how to problem solve. They want individuals that are confidant to know what is needed and able to make decisions without waiting for direction. This saves times and produces results.

Employers are always looking for individuals who work well as a member of their team. As a good team player you should know your own strengths and offer them to the task at hand and when others offer up their assistance a good team player respects and appreciates their work.

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