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By Erica Skoutas

Whether you are new at a job or have been at the same company for years it is not always easy for everyone to agree with or be happy with their boss 100% of the time. Different personalities often conflict in a variety of situations but when it occurs at the workplace you must address the issue professionally and courteously.

The first step after noticing that there is some tension in the workplace is to identify the problem. By calmly observing your boss’ interactions with everyone you should be able to determine if the issue you are struggling with is simply your boss’ personality or if the problem is with you personally. Decide if your boss talks to everyone the same way and treats everybody equally. If this is the case then you may just be over sensitive and taking it personally.  If you find this to be true, you need to train yourself to stay focused on the task at hand and not let his or her behaviors or tone of voice effect your day. Before taking it personally try putting yourself in their shoes and seeing things from their point of view. It could be that they are stressed from deadlines or the workload and are just delegating assignments in a harsh tone of voice that you may not be comfortable with. It could be a personality difference that you are struggling with but ultimately you know that there is nothing wrong with your job performance.

If you notice that your boss is only talking to you this way then you really need to assess your work. Make sure you are completing all your responsibilities on time and correctly. If you feel like you are, then set up a time with your boss to discuss your progress. Maybe your boss has something he or she wishes you were doing differently. Always make sure you are on the same page and always keep them up to date on any progress. If there is something you could be doing differently then ask for their advice. Seek out suggestions on how you can make the changes. You will benefit from hearing suggestions directly from your boss because you will know exactly what he or she wants you to accomplish. Come up with a plan or set of objectives together. This will allow you to see your progress as you accomplish the task. This could protect you later on in the event that your boss tries to add more responsibilities and say that you have not done your job. You may also benefit from keeping a work diary or a paper trail so you both know what is being asked and what is being accomplished.

If you have attempted all these suggestions and you and your boss are still not seeing eye to eye, it may be a personality conflict that will never be resolved. In this case you have two options; you could seek advice from someone higher ranking. This could be beneficial in solving the issues at hand however it may also be a risky move going to someone above them within office politics. Last resort if nothing is resolved then you need to consider moving on and finding a new job. Throughout all of this it is necessary to remain calm and professional. You do not want to get fired or be unable to obtain a good reference from someone within the company.


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