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The Department of Labor’s, Bureau of Labor Statistics reports their predictions for the fastest growing occupations from now until the year 2024. Many of these career fields coincide with the list of “hot jobs” for military veterans because of the skills and training military personal have received throughout their career. It is encouraging to know that many companies like to hire military veterans because of their work ethic, knowledge and dedication.

Some of the careers that made both the list of fastest growing occupations and top jobs for military veterans are as followed;


This broad industry can include Electrical, Automotive, Mechanical and Service Technicians. Several rates in the military can carry over into the Electrical and Mechanical Technician industry. There is a need to install, operate and maintain equipment in a variety of settings. With the need for renewable resources the solar energy and wind turbine industry is expected to grow exponentially. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the wind turbine industry to grow at a rate of 108% from the year 2014 – 2024.

Health Care

The Health Care industry is always growing because the demand to care for and provide services to people in need. Several military personnel are trained in the medical field and their service can carry over into many civilian career opportunities. Some of the health care occupations expected to grow are Occupational and Physical Therapy, Nursing and even Ambulatory drivers.

Financial Advisors

Most people at some point in their lives will buy a house, invest for retirement and file taxes. A Financial Advisor can provide advice on a multitude of financial matters such as investments, insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate planning, taxes, and retirement. With this career it is necessary to have a degree and ongoing training however the demand is there no matter what location you reside in and the pay is good. This can be an excellent option for retiring veterans.

Project and Operation Management

Many military personal have received technical training and achieved rank advancement making Project Manager or Operations Manager a great option for your next career. This career field needs knowledgeable and professional people to oversee the day to day operations of any construction project. Many larger companies will already hold government contracts and are eager to hire veterans will knowledge of the ongoing project or system in place.

Law Enforcement

If you think about it your entire military career revolves around protecting our countries freedom. Law Enforcement can be a great option for your next career. The demand for protection, security and safety is ever present. There is a variety of avenues you can take within this field. Intelligence, Drug Enforcement, Border Patrol and Cyber Security are just some options. Within this field you may also benefit by being fluent in another language. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth in occupations for interpreters and translators which our law enforcement system can benefit from.

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