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By Erica Skoutas

The first day as a new employee can be very overwhelming. It is important to really make a good impression on the new employee and keep them feeling optimistic and well informed. You want them really feeling like they made a great decision by coming to work for your company.

The most important thing you can do to make the new employee feel welcomed is to give them a proper and friendly greeting. You can personally meet them at the beginning of their 1st day and say hello. Let them know you care and you are looking forward to having them as part of your team. Take the time to walk them around and introduce them to all of the staff/employees they will be working with. You can also send out a companywide welcoming email stating who they are, some past achievements or titles and what they will be doing within your company.

The next thing you can do to make them feel welcomed is to have their office, desk, or cubical ready for them. If they have their own space and it’s ready for them on their 1st day they will feel like you were eagerly awaiting them. An appreciated employee is a happy employee.

New employees should also be given a tour of the company/office and given some type of formal training. It can be a one-on-one or an orientation for all new employees but they will have more confidence if they are better prepared and know what is expected of them. During this training you can inform them of company policies, benefits, schedule flexibility and also have time to fill out any necessary paperwork. This is also an opportunity to be more job specific and set standards and goals for his or her position. You can go over job responsibilities, who they should be reporting to, how they will be evaluated on job performance and even who they should follow-up with or seek advice from.

Lastly, you can follow up with the new employee at the end of the day. See how their 1st day went and make sure they are not overwhelmed with any of the information provided to them. See if they have any additional questions or concerns. It is important to ask for feedback so if you didn’t cover anything you can address their concerns as well as know what you can do differently for the next new employee.

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